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Our eyes are the most essential part of the body. Hence it is a must that we take care of our eyes the most. When we ignore the health of these sensitive organs they become susceptible to various eye infections and diseases. Glaucoma and ocular hypertension are one of the serious eye disorders which are caused with excessive intra ocular pressure in the eyes. Our optic nerves are the most sensitive part inside our eyes which is important to transmit the visual information to the Retina of the eye. Treatment of intraocular pressure was restricted only though surgeries and operation now it can be effectively dealt with generic latisse. Generic latisse is an ophthalmic medicine used in treating eye diseases.

The bimatoprost is also used as a cosmetic after its approval from FDA which can be used to increase the length and thickness of the eyelashes which was discovered after many trials and studies.



Action Mechanism:

  • Generic latisse has a 0.03% composition of bimatoprost ingredient in it which is an effective drug for reducing intraocular pressures.
  • When the bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is dabbed wet on the eyelashes the solution is soaked quickly into the roots of the eyelashes
  • The generic latisse then works on the follicles for extensive eyelash growth
  • The dark solution of latisse is also effective in stimulating the melanocytes which are present beneath the eyelashes that help to darken the color of the eyelashes that gives the eyelashes a darker and a shady look.
  • Generic latisse takes at least 3-4 weeks in total to show results in terms of longer eyelash growth
  • When bimatoprost is used in treatment of glaucoma the solution helps to reduce the intraocular pressure with the outflow of the excess aqueous fluid from the eyes and thus restores vision and reduces pain caused by intraocular pressure.

Bottles Strength Price Action
1 Bottle
0.03% – 3ml
2 Bottles
0.03% – 3ml
4 Bottles
0.03% – 3ml
6 Bottles
0.03% – 3ml
8 Bottles
0.03% – 3ml
12 Bottles
0.03% – 3ml


Precautions are a must when it comes to using a medication. Hence the following precautions must be followed before using generic latisse:

  • Though bimatoprost is safe to be used without a prescription but if you are diagnosed with glaucoma then consult a doctor.
  • When using generic latisse remove lenses if you are using any to avoid staining
  • Remove any kind of make up when you are using bimatoprost ophthalmic solution.
  • Avoid the solution from touching the skin below the eyelashes otherwise there are chances of that part of skin to grow some hair.
  • If you had an eye surgery consult a doctor before using latisse
  • Do not combine any other eye medication with latisse.
  • if you are pregnant and wish to use generic latisse then consulting a doctor is a must.

Side Effects:

The side effects associated with generic latisse is very rare though it may vary from person to person or his sensitivity to the product.

  • Redness and dryness of eyes
  • Itching, watery and irritation in the eyes
  • Permanent darkening of the eyelids and sometimes iris.
  • Burning sensation in the eyes incase if you are allergic to it
  • Other side effects are headache, sensitivity to light and dizziness

Dosages and Administration:

Generally generic latisse is applied at night daily once before going to bed. Moisten your eyelashes slightly with water and carefully apply the solution on the lashes without touching the skin below.

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