Jun 19

Latisse is a low cost affair for nourishing eyelash growth

Are you looking for an eyelash growth expert, which can nourish and enrich your eyelashes along with faster growth? Then it’s time to call up for latisse therapy on your eyelashes. Having dreamt over years to get fully loaded and darker eyelashes like the seasonal models you see on various magazines. There no secret or suspense behind it, using bimatoprost will answer all your eyelash growth related questions.

lash growth serumAfter using generic latisse you will be amazed to find how different and how fast it works on the eyelash growth. The lash serum is an expert in restoring lost eyelashes and also stimulating eyelash growth in the existing ones. The lash growth serum was earlier known to have used for ophthalmic treatment for reducing intraocular pressure in the eyes but it seemed to have given miraculous outcomes by increasing the length of the eyelashes. Latisse as a lash growth serum was a biggest hit after its approval from the FDA as an over the counter medication in 2008. Users reviewed this as an amazingly outstanding eyelash growth product that promises eyelash growth fully within just 3-4 weeks. “Buying this lash serum is a good decision and my husband compliments me for my good looks now” says, 53 years old Kelsey one of the regular users of bimatoprost ophthalmic solution.

After using generic latisse on your eyelashes, by the end of the 4th week you will notice your eyelashes are getting pigmented darker and length of the eyelashes have increased by more than 25%. This eyelash growth product is extremely unlikely to have side effects as it is first and drug and then a cosmetic. Though a few of you may experience redness in the eyes, itching and darkening of the eyes but overall the working and feature of this eyelash growth serum are excellent and satisfactory.

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