Apr 08

Generic Latisse- Latest eyelash growth trick within 4 weeks

When you look into the mirror insufficient and sparse eyelashes may make you conscious about how you would look in public. If you are cosmetic savvy and want a trick to grow eyelashes within 4 weeks then generic latisse is the right and the best eyelash growth product for you. Trying hard with other cosmetic may not give you as good results bimatoprost. Thanks to the research team for an accidental invention of this eyelash growth serum.
generic latisse serumLatisse is the best trick known and have worked for many women worldwide which is why its prominence is increasing. Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution works best in treating eye disease of glaucoma that reduces intraocular pressure from the eyes. The fluid accumulation on the optic nerves causes the sufferer to lose his eyesight permanently. But not it has been used as an eyelash growth serum. The product of Generic latisse is an established product since 2008 after its FDA approval and the product is worth it. The eyelash growth serum is very gentle and sensitive to your eyes with negligible possibilities of side effects. Generic latisse can be used without a prescription which is available from online pharmacies. Widely different and far much better effectiveness as compared to mascara and fake eyelashes who give temporary protection and hides your weaknesses.

Generic latisse has 0.03% bimatoprost in it which gets well absorbed into the eyelash follicles that stimulates the hair bulb for a longer and extended growth. The melanin producing cells are also present beneath the eyelashes that give them a darker look. The solution is effective in maintaining longer lash growth and prevents them from falling out while there are maximum chances of eyelashes fall out if you use fake eyelashes. You may also experience your eyelashes growing unlike mascara and fake eyelashes. Using this eyelash growth serum hardly takes any time while if you use fake eyelashes they require maintenance and also they are often very costly.

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